A smart way for separated families to connect

War-divided families can still read bedtime stories with their children. A new app provides a smart way for separated families to connect – whatever the reason they’re apart.

Fathers are obliged to stay at the front line of Ukraine’s war, separated from their partners and children who are safe in other countries. So Andriy Shmyhelskyy, a Ukrainian living in the Netherlands, created the app “Better Time Stories”. He explains how this brings comfort and hope through sharing story time with your children, while distracting from the horror of living apart through a war.

Funded by donations, the app and website deliver books for younger children in their own language. Then absent parents or family can record their own audio versions for their children to listen to. Older children can also enjoy the books in their home language too.

Smiling together

Watch and read how Alla and Ruslan recreate the family bedtime story for their daughter, 5-year-old Olivia.

And how Yulia and her two sons, Ilja and Pasha – and even their unborn sister! – enjoy the books while their dad has to be in Ukraine.

War is not the only reason for families living apart. For all of them, developing this innovation provides a smart way for separated families to connect.

Anyone can donate 15 euros on the website.