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Did your family split up when you were young? Do you have experience of 
your family going through the family court system when you were a child?

Please share your story with us. Whether it’s a story of growing up in a healthy family and what that gave to you, or a story where your parents split up and your life was deeply affected.

You could help us make videos that may help others …

Wherever you are in the world, we’re collecting video stories of those who’ve experienced family breakup or family court proceedings. What was it like for you? How did it make you feel? And, how has it affected you since?

If you’d like to hear what other young people say about their experience of family breakdown, visit the Voices page by clicking on the menu above.

We want to create a safer, healthier way forward for families when parents split up and to make sure that the current systems, often based around family courts, don’t cause harm to children and their families. We need your help to do this and we’d love to hear your story!

All contributions will be kept anonymous, unless you give us written permission to share your identity and local laws allow it.

If you’d like to take part, please contact us and we’ll send you simple instructions on how to record your story on your phone, tablet or camera, how to get it to us and how we may, with your permission, use your story to help others.