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Malta’s PM wants family court reform

21 March 2024: Malta’s Prime Minister promises family court reform.

It’s rare for a Prime Minister to enter the fraught and dangerous arena of family court reform. But, last weekend, Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that his government intends to reform Malta’s family courts. To complete a White Paper on such an important issue, he said Malta needed a national consultation.

The Prime Minister raised some of the key issues facing today’s court system. These include:

  • the need for greater protection and support for children during separation proceedings;
  • the need for better opportunities for mediation;
  • concerns about children often being turned against one of their parents or other family members when parents separate;
  • the prolonged duration of court proceedings; and
  • the need for children to be able to maintain relationships with their grandparents and other family members.

A wide range of professionals, as well as those with direct experience of Malta’s family courts, should be encouraged to contribute to any proposals for family court reform for Malta.