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Judge Judy

Judge Judy tells parents to do what’s best for children. Make sure the kids have a good relationship with both their separated parents.

Judge Judy is typically blunt in her TV court room work. In this video clip, Judge Judy has heard the two separated parents contesting the parenting time of their two children. She challenges both of them to do the right thing for their children.

Judge Judy sets out her firm judgement for the case in front of her. She makes a distinction. The trouble between the separated parents is one thing. The safe loving relationship the children have with each of their parents is another.

Strong words but rare family work

The blunt words of a judge at the end of an argumentative process may seem powerful. But they usually don’t carry through. Families need sustained support work as well. But skilled family work is rare. So Judge Judy – and judges everywhere – re-double their blunt words – or dismay – instead.

People everywhere – outside the courts and in them – argue about the issue. What is safe (and for whom) and what is not safe (and for whom). But Judge Judy’s principle stands – a child’s welfare and family ties are of core importance.

Even where family relationships suffer stress and disturbance, they need safe skilled support work. Work through a child’s contact or relationships with both parents and wider family and networks – resolve or come to terms if not repair things. Then they do much better.

Even with a judge’s best strong words, adversarial family courts may not be the best way to help children and families.