Hollywood director’s take on parenting

Famous Hollywood director Rob Reiner has a passion for good parenting. He and Michele Singer made a video tape series “The First Years Last Forever”. That’s now available online. Here’s a good start with “I Am Your Child”:

“I Am Your Child: The First Years Last Forever” (29 mins)

Rob and Michele founded the “I Am Your Child Foundation” and, in 2004, the “Parents’ Action for Children”, a non-profit organization with two aims: To raise awareness of the importance of a child’s early years through educational videos for parents. And to advance public policy through parental education and advocacy. The organisation is now called Parents Action.

Parenting, film-making and science

Recent research in brain development shows how critical the first years of a child’’s life are to their happiness and success. And that puts a special responsibility on parents and caregivers. 

The First Years Last Forever videos are a rich guide for new parents to help their children thrive. There’s clear information and practical tips on: bonding and attachment; building self-esteem; communication; health and nutrition; effective discipline; and choosing quality child care among other topics. 

This Hollywood director’s take on parenting brings together three roles: being an ordinary parent, professional film-making and the science of child development. The result is this attractive blend of evidence based ideas for parents.