2040 Vision

Reimagining the future

Two Wishes has a vision where all children are able to enjoy their childhood and free to develop the best possible relationships with all who love and care for them, whatever changes life brings to their families.

From the evidence presented throughout this site – the science, the art and the lived-experiences of young people – the case for a fresh approach to the issue of family breakdown is clear. Fortunately, many of the solutions already exist, in some form or another, somewhere around the globe.

In this section, we bring together some of these best examples of education; better, more accessible support for families; early interventions; pilot schemes; and programs that, together, provide a very different approach to looking after some of our most vulnerable families from the damaging, often uncompassionate, approaches accepted today in so many countries.

It requires us to do nothing less than “reimagine family breakdown” if we are to ensure that children are not harmed, as they so often are today, when families transition or change. In fact, it requires us almost to “reimagine family” – as a living network of interconnected and loving relationships with a child at its centre.

We call this our “2040 vision” because we are realistic. We realise that learning to treat family breakdown primarily as a health, not a legal, issue will not happen overnight. Indeed, it may take many years for such a paradigm shift to take place in just one or two countries. But, once the benefits are seen, others will follow.

Everyone can help. By sharing information from this site and helping others understand the urgent need for major change, for the sake of all our kids, you can help us make sure that our 2040 arrives as early as possible.