See it differently

Jag’s parents watch themselves from behind the screen.

“See it differently” features five short videos. Five different families losing their cool in front of their children.

From behind a window, the parents watch themselves and reflect on how they handle a typical family scene.

They stop to think and talk about it. Then they replay the scene and see how they deal with it differently.

Chloe’s Mum and Dad can see it from Chloe’s point of view

Each family situation is different: Different cultures, different- or same-sex couples, families living together or apart. Luca’s parents avoid arguing but that doesn’t work well.

The parents – and we who watch the videos – can see the stress and the benefits for the children who are watching their parents, worried and caught in the middle.

For all of them, it’s the same key things that work.

  • Stop.
  • Think: What else is going on?
  • Stay calm or take a break.
  • Listen and talk.
  • Keep practicing.
A happier ending for Jag and his parents.
Forward step by step

OnePlusOne‘s five “See it differently” videos are top quality – a creative way to engage parents and all of us.

They raise awareness and teach us. They show us what we know works well from common sense and evidence.

The simple things that work for all kinds of family and situation are not nearly so easy to do in reality.

So that’s why OnePlusOne’s organisation and website go further to set out more of what is needed for teaching, support and help for families, along with training for workers.

Keeping the children’s well-being as the priority motivates the adults to work hard and do it better.

OnePlusOne is just one of many organisations doing this work. Two Wishes collates and shares the best practice around the world.