Rewriting the narrative of divorce

Kate Daly is co-founder of amicable, a UK couples divorce service, and host of The Divorce Podcast. In HELLO! magazine, she tells how her passion for rewriting the narrative of divorce grew from her own trainwreck experiences.

We were drawn into conflicts because each lawyer wanted the best result for their client.

Kate Daly of amicable

Kate Daly says “Too many families emerge from divorce damaged and scarred. … I realised it wasn’t just me who had come out of divorce in a worse state – lots of people had.”

Family separation, she adds, is a sad thing but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

A kinder way

Reflecting on her own traumatic experience led to her interest in rethinking how we deal with family separation.

Then, with Pip Wilson, she set up amicable, a couples divorce service that helps people divorce in a kinder and more affordable way, prioritising their children.

Kate Daly joins others who are keen on rewriting the narrative of divorce and family separation.

Feature image by Hutomo Abrianto on unsplash