What children need when parents separate

During a separation or divorce the children’s world turns upside down. “What about Aruna?” is a series of four evidence-based half-hour videos produced by Only Mums and Dad that sets out what children need when parents separate.

Dr Angharad Rudkin presents the evidence in a slide show about how to support children through a difficult time. The four videos are in one place. There are four topics:

  1. Child development;
  2. The impact of separation and divorce;
  3. Communicating with your child;
  4. Looking after yourself during a separation.

There’s lots of research about what children need when parents separate. And what they don’t need.

The world is rapidly seeing the importance of early support and intervention for separating families and their children. The need is growing for accessible and useful research summaries like “What about Aruna?” to guide families, professionals and policy-makers.