Quilt for missing grandkids

UK support group completes quilt in honour of much-loved grandchildren whom their grandparents are unable to see – in some cases, for years.

“In February 2020,” Bristol Grandparents Support Group member, Susan Cramer, says, “I sent out a call asking grandparents to contribute a patchwork square or two for a quilt I wanted to make to raise awareness of the issue of grandchildren being deprived of enjoying a loving relationship with their grandparents.”

“Over the following year I received a steady trickle of patchwork squares and I eventually had enough to sew together and I made a 2.5 m2 quilt. My only instructions were for the measurements and to design a square that reflected the grandparents’ feelings about their family estrangement. I was delighted with the creativity and thoughtfulness of the contributions, let alone the skilful needlework. People responded from all parts of the country.  We certainly aren’t alone!”

“The patches really tugged at my heartstrings, as did the accompanying letters. What struck me was how similar all the stories were, and how love and longing for cherished grandchildren is universal. I was concerned the quilt would be an image of sadness, but, I found that wasn’t the case in the end. I believe the quilt reflects the grandparents’ fortitude, care and love. Overall, the impact is one of devotion to our grandchildren and our longing to see them again.  As one contributor said, “The quilt is something tangible and not just words that can be lost and forgotten. This is the first quilt I have ever made but, despite my inexperience, I was determined to create an artefact that would raise awareness. In the end, all children need and deserve to know they are loved and I know the quilt symbolises that.”