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How Israel helps children of divorce

In-between (or Bein Le Vein) is an innovative organization that provides all kinds of help for the children in-between in divorce in Israel. With English-subtitles, this promotional video explains their approach.

Bein Le Vein works with a big picture. Divorce is a long-term social issue. Support for separating families and children is an investment in three generations. Good support means healthier future parents and future children, as well as help for the separating family right now.

Bein Le Vein works at different levels. As well as supporting the children, parents, and wider families, they engage with communities, social agencies and policy-makers.

Israel’s marriage and family culture illustrates that helping children caught ‘in-between’ when families separate is a challenge all round the world. Bein Le Vein‘s approach to providing all kinds of help for divorce in Israel is focused and holistic. It’s a way forward for us all.