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Screening for childhood trauma

California has taken the lead in recognising the massive health and social impact of childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Screening for childhood trauma is the start of a bold plan. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, California’s first surgeon general, has a remarkable goal: cut adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress in half within one generation.

Here, she speaks about her vision and her groundbreaking work to reduce adverse childhood experiences across the state during a speech at the UC San Francisco Parnassus Heights campus. The lecture was part of Chancellor Sam Hawgood’s health policy series, organized by the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies.

Nadine Burke-Harris, MD

How the plan will work

Slides that Dr Burke-Harris presents in her lecture show more of the details of the plan after screening for childhood trauma. The costs are California’s “investment” in early positive measures. At the top of the list is “supportive relationships” from family and all those who care.