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When co-parenting won’t be news

Positive headline stories about separated families and co-parenting are rare. But the day will come when co-parenting won’t be news.

Parents who put their children’s needs first after separating – like Victoria and David do – may nowadays be rare.

So they’ve hit the headlines of Hello magazine.

But a day will come when co-parenting will be too normal to be news. Because everyone will know how important co-parenting is for children’s well-being and life ahead.

Everyone will expect co-parenting to be the norm.

Especially where children are concerned, it will be just like the expectations we have for education, for car seat belts, for drinking and driving, and for smoking.

Meanwhile, welcome the positive headlines about family separation, examples of how children thrive in healthy families for life.

The news stories are needed now to bring on the day when co-parenting won’t be news. The sooner we say HELLO! to that future, the better for our kids.