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Spreading the word

Devoted campaigners often leave little time for promoting their good work and ideas effectively to the world. This short video on early support for troubled families is a good example of spreading the word.

Just a few minutes of creative constructive child-focused story-telling gets the message across to the wider world as well as to the people you want to engage.

Whether you’re together or not it’s about what our kids hear and see us doing.

After the personal story comes a closing summary of what the research confirms. Even if parents don’t take up the help offered, we all get the picture.

Changing both systems and culture

Publicising what we know about children and families like this is at least as important as developing the early accessible support services themselves. It’s part of much-needed change from a dominant “wait-until-it’s-too-late” culture.

Spreading the word promotes culture change as well as better support services for families. Doing that as part an effective overall campaign is even better.