Shared parenting legislation in USA

The USA’s National Parents Organization has mapped out shared parenting legislation across the USA. And they commission polls that show Americans’ “overwhelmingly positive” views on shared parenting for children’s well-being when parents live apart.

Shared parenting is a core part of the organization’s strategy and vision to promote shared parenting by educating parents, divorce professionals, and legislators and by reforming family courts and laws in every US state.

The vision

The NPO envisions a society where:

  • Shared parenting after separation or divorce is the norm;

  • Children’s natural right to be nurtured & guided by both parents is fully honored;

  • Society treats fathers & mothers as equally important to the well-being of their children;

  • Children are happier & more successful because their loving bonds to their parents are protected after parental separation or divorce; and,

  • The courts arrange finances after separation or divorce so that both mothers & fathers can afford to house and care for their children & themselves.

Many similar organisations around the world share this vision for shared parenting legislation as best for children and separating parents. And better than the adversarial family courts that are often the first port of call.