Successful new ways for families in Scotland

5 June 2023: The independent evaluation of a year-long pilot project confirms that New Ways For Families works in Scotland.

Launched in the Scottish Parliament, Shared Parenting Scotland is rolling the program out. Now any separated families across Scotland can benefit from using it.

The combination of online learning and one to one sessions with a coach makes the program accessible wherever and whenever it suits those who use it.

It has completely changed my mindset

A future beckons

Families often suffer natural distress when they separate. This program in Scotland works to counter the unavoidable ill-effects of the adversarial family law system.

Otherwise that adversarial solution to an adversarial problem means conflict and stress are worse for the families and children.

A future beckons where new systems will offer support instead of extra stress. Then stressed parents won’t have to shoulder added responsibility for the inherent limitations of a legal system.

The successful New Ways for Families® in Scotland program is a step into that future.