Mum, Dad can you hear me?

Despina Mavridou, a family mediator in Greece, wrote her book “Mum, Dad can you hear me?” for two reasons.

First, so that separating parents can understand divorce through the eyes of Irene, a ten year old child.

And second, so that children in separating families can understand that they are not alone, that a healthy balance can be restored in the end.

Irene’s parents rise to the challenge of separating so that their daughter keeps her relationship with them both. Irene’s diary, grandmother and her teddy also help her along the way.

Parents and other adults involved in family separation may also appreciate the book’s message, that a healthy balance can be restored in the end.

Tamara Rittershaus translated “Mum Dad can you hear me?” from Greek into English. Through Irene’s eyes, we see that children experience separation in much the same ways wherever they live and whatever language they speak. And you can see how Korina Marmelaki’s artwork brings the powerful words to life in any language.