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Here, we will be sharing help, advice and information aimed at younger people: short videos that may help you understand what you’re feeling, or that you’re not alone; links that may help you work out who you can speak with, or where you can go for help.

Are you OK today? Is your family OK or not? Are people arguing? Or not talking at all? Are you worried what’s going to happen? Will they move and live apart? Are you wondering what will happen to you, your sisters and brothers, your pets and cuddly toys? Where will you go, will you still get to see and stay with them all? Maybe there are worries you can’t tell anyone easily? This page is a start to help you get through worrying times. There’s lots more help like this near you!

First, if you need urgent help, click here and then on your country’s flag (if available … we’ll add more). There, you’ll find phone numbers and contact information for the best organisations that can help you if it’s urgent.

Otherwise, click on the Children tab on any post to find the most relevant posts for you, or read on …


These really short videos with Maree and Irene and their Kidpower puppets are fun. Learn about all kinds of powers that kids can use. Click here to find all of Maree’s videos on one page:

Then learn about your powers. There’s Brain power, Body power, Voice power. And there’s Mouth closed power, Listening power … and many more. This one’s good: It’s “Get Help Power”.

And here’s another illustration, with Irene van der Sande:

You are not alone!

There are times when you may feel that you’re all alone and that nobody else can imagine how you’re feeling. The truth is: we’re all human! We all have similar thoughts and feelings. And, because of this, we can all find someone to help us.

These websites from the UK and USA provide help that may be useful even if you live somewhere else:




Hey Sigmund

Visit this great website for lots of short, helpful videos for kids about life: Anxiety, Mindfulness, You Rock! & With Others … starting here in the Treehouse:

Try this one: How to be brave:

And this one: Cool things about you …

If you wrote a letter …

What would you want to say to your parents if you found out they were separating or getting a divorce? See what it might sound like:

Is that what you’d write to your Mum and Dad if they’re separating? Why not write a letter of your own? Or make a recording of what you’d say? Some people find it useful to record a video or write a diary just for themselves – just thinking about things and putting them into words can help. Sometime, though, you may find someone you want to share these thoughts with. Share with someone you like to talk to, someone who says things that make you feel better or helps you think about things in different ways. It could be someone else in the family, or a friend or a teacher even.

Look for someone good to talk with

Yes, even a five year old can help! Here’s what to say to help anyone who says they’re ‘not OK’. ‘Not OK’ is how you feel just now. So that’s just the kind of person you want to find to start helping you too.

So your ‘first helper’ could be anyone anywhere. You could even practice telling your pet or your cuddly toy. Whatever you’re worried about, finding a good person to tell is best. So keep looking ‘Not OK’ until you find someone who knows how to ask good questions and listens to you. It’s just a start. But it will help you work out what the next step needs to be.

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