A child’s right to matter

In November 2023, the UK’s Family Solutions Group launched its second major report: “A Child’s Right to Matter”. It is based on a survey by the UK Youth Parliamen.

The summary highlights the large number of children in the UK who live in separated families. That’s 3.6 million children in 2.3 million families in 2021. Each year there’s 280,000 more children whose families separate.

The short video tells us more of what the young people say of their experiences of separation. They suggest what would help.

Then the young people ask an important question:

The report takes up their question:

Who in Government takes responsibility for children when parents separate?’

And the answer seems to be: “No one”.

A better way

The voices of young people carry the most impact. Hear what they say in the full report.

The Family Solutions Group continue their campaign. The head of the family law system – Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division – regularly repeats the same call.

It is, sadly, necessary for this report to state that ‘the needs of
children when parents separate have been overlooked’. It is a palpable truth. We should all now heed the report’s clearly stated call for action.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of Family Division

In 2019 he said that “there has got to be a better way“. He said this “was a matter for society in generalnot for judges“. His purpose is to call out what is going on in society’s name, and at the state’s expense.” And he “invites others to take up that call”. (Living in interesting times, Page 15.)

With the Family Solutions Group and Sir Andrew, young people iin separated families call for “A child’s right to matter”. The case grows to find that better way.