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Raising kids in America

[Children are] nested in their family, their peers, their close social relationships … but that is nested in … their neighbourhood … within our culture, our policies … our systems …

First screened in the USA in 2015, The Raising of America, is the ground-breaking documentary series, online learning hub and public engagement campaign. Reframing how to look at raising kids in America, it focuses on early child health and development.

It illustrates how a strong start for all our kids leads not only to better learning, earning, and physical and mental health but also to a healthier, safer, better educated, more prosperous nation.

Although it focuses on how the USA matches up to other wealthy nations, it provides lessons for all countries on how we can all, as individuals and as nations, best look after our children.

The science is clear: when parents are stressed, babies pay the price. That is why improving conditions for families with young children is one of the best investments any nation can make.

Economists are clear: investing in high-quality early care and education is good for our kids and communities, and even pays for itself many times over. So, why aren’t we investing?

This series of films poses a wider question than just raising kids in America. Don’t we all have a responsibility to look after our children – and an interest in looking after our future?

Our policies actually actively discourage parents from being able to take care of those kids well in their prenatal months, in their early years, and getting them ready for school.

Robert Dugger, Hanover Investment Group