Two Wishes

We present evidence

Evidence comes in many forms. Science, Art and Voices of young people each have their own power to help us understand what’s best for our children and families.

On this site, you will find summaries of the latest scientific research that shows us what’s best for the health, safety and wellbeing of children. And you’ll find art that gives a deeper understanding of the experiences of individuals exposed to family breakdown and greater insight into what is important, and why.

Click on Evidence in the top menu or on any post and you will access a range of material about what scientific evidence is available to help us determine what’s best for our children.

Click on Art in the top menu, or on any post, and you will be able to access a broad range of art, from songs to films, from paintings to poetry, each of which provides its own, unique insight into what’s best for children – or what happens when we get it wrong.

And in Voices, you’ll hear powerful evidence, in another form, of the urgent need to reimagine family breakdown – for the sake of all our children and all of our families.