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6-point plan

Our partners For Kids Sake in Australia have developed some of the most comprehensive and inclusive solutions to the issues of family separation and family violence. Many of the principles and policies they recommend are applicable around the globe.

For Kids Sake’s “6 point plan” has established six key principles fundamental to improving the current system – principles that will ensure that children are best protected from harm and that will create the best outcomes for children and families when parents split up.

We need to move beyond the presumption that family law is an appropriate tool for addressing either family breakdown or family violence.

Although currently dealing with tens of thousands of Australian families every year, our law-based system is not fit for either purpose.

This 6-point plan recognises that family breakdown must, first and foremost, be treated as a health issue for children and other family members, rather than as a question of law. And, like other potential or major health issues, it must be treated as urgent.

Family breakdown is a time of great vulnerability and risk for both children and parents. Our priority should be to provide essential support, when it’s most needed, that protects children and empowers parents to make the best choices for their family’s wellbeing.