Most of us were taught the number from an early age: in an emergency, phone “999” and ask for the service you need!

Click on the names below to access their full websites and services.

Are you, or is a young person you know, not coping with life? For confidential suicide prevention advice contact HOPELINEUK. We are open 9am–12am (midnight) every day of the year.

Phone: 0800 0684141.

You can text Shout any time, day or night.

Your messages with them are confidential and anonymous.

It is free to text Shout 85258 from all major mobile networks in the UK.

Fegans cares holistically for children and families through counselling and parenting support.

Children and young people can find online counselling on this site, as well as information, advice and courses to join. There’s more information and support for parents too.

“I Matter Training” helps parents and carers of children and young people of all ages and with all types of needs and challenges. It is also aimed at professionals such as GP’s, Teachers, Social Workers, Psychologists &Community Workers. 

Whether you want to know more about how you’re feeling, get information about a mental health condition or know what support is available to you, this is a great site for anyone who’s looking for help.

Contact Childline on 0800 1111 to get help and advice about a wide range of issues. You can also talk to a counsellor online, send Childline an email or post on message boards to get help and support from others.