“I used to think that every child got three wishes. But my very first wish – to grow up in a happy family – did not come true. 

My second wish was to spend as much time as possible with each of my parents and everyone who loved and cared for me. That didn’t come true either.

My third wish, I’m determined, will come true: to make sure that what happened to me – a childhood lost in systems meant to help me – will never happen to any other child.”



A world where all children have positive relationships,
through life’s changes, with all who love and care for them.

Welcome to Two Wishes, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the wellbeing of children and families and to reimagining family breakdown, for the sake of our kids.

Our primary focus is on one of the most widespread, yet least recognised, groups of vulnerable children – those whose families are under stress, in crisis or experiencing family separation. Our mission is to protect children exposed to family breakdown by building healthier families and transforming how we all think about, and deal with, family breakdown, separation and divorce.

The relationships that children develop with their parents and other carers are critical to their future wellbeing. Yet, in many countries today, we do too little, too late, to support families and children and to help nurture strong, healthy relationships. We’ve even created interventions that are so late, prolonged and inappropriate that we sometimes do even more harm to children and families who are already vulnerable.

Two Wishes believes that we need to do much more, much earlier – and that we will save money, as well as lives, by doing so.

Driven by the voices and views of young people who’ve experienced the systems of yesterday – children who missed out on their First Wish, to grow up in a healthy, happy family – we’re bringing together young people, families and professionals around the globe to create and promote the better approaches we urgently need today.

With representatives on five continents, we’re researching, sharing and promoting the best ideas, practices, pilot schemes and policies from all around the world. And we’re creating an international, public awareness campaign to highlight what everyone can do to help vulnerable children and families, in all their diversity, and give children the brightest possible future.

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For years we had looked towards the year 2020 as a symbol of the future. A target for policy-makers; a dream for visionaries.

But the very start of 2020 brought with it something unexpected: a new, global threat for which few countries were prepared – a coronavirus, COVID-19. In the ensuing lockdowns and home isolation of millions around the world, one message stood out perhaps above all others: the importance of family and of maintaining family connections.

The Two Wishes Foundation arose from this crisis and from the widespread, international recognition that family separation of all kinds can be painful and even harmful. It was born of the need to see a plan for Child and Family Wellbeing at the core of economic policy at all times, not only during a crisis. Throughout 2020, many children were left exposed to unsafe home environments. Many more suffered isolation from their grandparents and loved ones – even, from one of their own parents. Many relationships changed. And some were broken or lost.

Standing independent of any religion, political party or profession, our global charity puts a fresh focus on the importance of family – in all its forms. It aims to make sure that all children grow up benefitting from the best and strongest possible connections with all who love and care for them. 

Our members are drawn from many professions and many countries and include young and old. They include specialists in children’s wellbeing, family health, psychology, indigenous culture, family law, science and the media. And they include specialists in what it’s like being a child, for those of us who may have forgotten: children and young people.

All of us share a vision of a future where all children can thrive in the happiest, healthiest possible environments, whatever changes life may bring to their family. We hope you’ll be convinced by scientific evidence presented here, inspired by artistry, and moved by the voices of young people to embrace our 2040 Vision, that every child should have a healthy family – for life.